dsc_3245Cycling Victoria is delighted to announce Tour de France commentator Matthew Keenan as an event ambassador for the Amazing Ride.

Keenan, who enjoys riding with his family in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, was thrilled to be a part of the unique event.

“My wife and I really like the television show The Amazing Race because of its combination of adventure and travel, and The Amazing Ride captures a lot of that by exploring Melbourne on a bike,” said Keenan.

“It will be a bit like when you snuck off as a kid, riding around the neighbourhood with that sense of freedom that comes with riding a bike.

Keenan will be participating in the event with his children, 5 year old Connor and 6 year old Kartika.

“With a few clues to try and decode to navigate your way around, it’s going to be a great day for the family.

“And I love that it’s not phone or app based. It will be nice to teach the kids how to read a map and watch them try to work out where to go next.”

To be held Sunday 12 February, 2017, the Amazing Ride will offer three ride options to be completed over a three hour period from 10am to 1pm starting and finishing at Hawthorn Velodrome.

More information and event at www.amazingride.com.au

Matt Kennan: The Amazing Ride Ambassador